Losing My Mind


This track is a new side of me! I like hip hop and I like chill music. In this song I've combined the two genres into one genre I like to call Chill Hip Hop! This is a great track to listen to while cruising down coast on a sunny day :)

- Zomando

Let Me Love You

Mike Tunes

Mike Tunes is a 19 years old DJ and Producer from Germany. He started producing in 2015 and started putting his music on Spotify in late 2018. Since then he released many songs and many genres on different labels. His biggest success till now is "Too Tired", which was released in mid 2020 on Seal Network. The style of Mike always features fancy vocals and powerful drops and he puts it together in many different music styles. He just does what he loves and creates music how he feels like.

- Mike Tunes

Feel Bad

Jay Ancor & Desno

It's a unique track with elements of future trance and deep house with aggressive bass that together sounds great, this combination of elements could be what you're looking for!

- Jay Ancor

Let Somebody Go

PW Music

"Let Somebody Go", the new single from the swedish producer PW Music, a beautiful pop song with amazing vocals. This is PW Music's 3rd release on Wern Records. Listen now on Spotify!

- Wern Records 

You Can Take Me

Dj Brooken

Dj Brooken started playing music professionally as early as the 90s and quickly created a reputation for himself on the DJ stage in Stockholm. Interested in music from an early age and inspired by genres from hip hop to house and deep house, Dj Brooken has developed his unique style by experimenting with a wide landscape of music tracks and innovative mixing methods.

- Dj Brooken

Far Away


Emiilo is a very versatile artist who likes to experiment with very fresh sounds and melodies that will make you vibrate and jump to the rhythm of the music

- Emiilo