Let's Groove!

Everyone has probably heard Earth, Wind & Fire's Let's Groove. One of my favorite songs of all time. Plastic Funk, Mr.Belt & Wezol just released their version of the song, called "Groove Tonight". The song is very danceable, like most Piano House & Disco House songs. Groove Tonight is a cover everyone should check out!

March 11 2023

Wern Records Sweden, Wern & Vois?

Wern Records Sweden, Wern & Vois, what's the difference? Wern Records Sweden, the logo you see in the middle is the mother of the other two. We chose to split the record company into two parts; Wern & Vois. The reason for that is that we release all kinds of music, everything from tropical pop to hardstyle. Vois is the part of Wern Records that focuses on uplifting house and pop while Wern focuses more on dance music of various genres. Basically, both record companies are Wern Records but with different clothes.

January 14 2023

Wern Records Cave

We have just started our own Discord server "Wern Records Cave". The idea of the channel is to build a meeting place for both Wern artists but also others who might be interested in releasing music with us. Here you can ask for tips and advice regarding music production and other things. Click on the picture to join :)
We look forward to talking with you!

January 14 2023

FDVM bring us a new banger!

FDVM is a house music DJ from the city of Lille in the north of France. With what started off as a way to unleash his passion for creating house music, he has achieved a rapid rise of fame, culminating in international tours at world-renown venues and festivals, a regular radio show, millions and millions of streams globally, as well as collaborations with nameworthy fellow artists. This time FDVM brings us a new banger called "Body Over Mind", there is not much to say about it more than its an amazing creation worth checking out!

January 14 2023

Sam Feldt & Cate Doowney

Finally new music from Dutch artist Sam Feldt, he collaborates with songwriter Cate Downey to make this song "Enough To Drink". Sam Feldt is known for his uplifting feeling in his music and that is exactly what he has succeeded here as well. It all starts with the talented singer Cate Downey who does a fantastic job of writing these lines that fit perfectly with Sam Feldt's production. What I like most about this song is the bass line that runs like a train almost the whole song through which makes it a real dance song that I think we will hear on the radio all over the world! Well done to Sam Feldt & Cate Downey!

January 13 2023